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Securing your organization around the clock…(972) 231-9200

Video Surveillance Systems

Security Cameras & Video Surveillance

exacqvision2x2-350In today’s world, video surveillance for your business is a must. In simple terms, a video surveillance system includes cameras and a Network Video Recorder (NVR). With properly located cameras, you can keep an eye on your business 24 hours a day, 7 days. If the burglar alarm monitoring center calls you at 3 am, you can view your business from home via an internet connection – to see if it’s a real burglary or a false alarm..

View your Live Security Cameras from Anywhere

Videotex Security can set up your cameras so that you can view them from anywhere – from a web browser, an iPhone, a laptop, or network. We can password protect the cameras so that only authorized personnel can view them. When you receive the call from your monitoring service that there is a problem, you can quickly determine the nature of the alarm. View our parking lot camera below:

View your Live Security System from an iPhone or iPadiphone

Whether you are an iPhone user, an iPad user, a PC or MAC user, an Android user, or any other smart phone, Videotex offers a system you can view live from your phone web browser. You can view your live cameras from the smartphone web browser, no special software is required. Now be in touch with your valuable property 24×7.

How a Security Camera System Helps

A video surveillance system for a business helps in a myriad of ways including:

Record burglaries or any incidents

Reduce shoplifting

Minimize employee theft

Prevent cash register problems like “under ringing”

Reduce shipment discrepancies in the warehouse

Improve employee productivity

Diminish litigation liability exposure

Increase employee security

Analog versus IP Digital Cameras

There have always been analog cameras. Analog cameras use video cables to connect to a VCR (in the old days), or a DVR now. Videotex can install your system either using analog cameras or the new IP digital cameras. There are trade-offs between the two camera types, but your Videotex advisor can help you get the best system. Systems with analog or IP cameras can both be viewed remotely if a remote enabled DVR is utilized.

Videotex Security staff are experts on IP cameras. We recommend IP cameras always over analogy cameras, unless it is a legacy system upgrade.


Sony_KG-830EXThe cost of the camera is lower. The resolution is OK, but not nearly as good as most IP cameras. The overall cost of an analog camera based system will usually be much less than an IP based system.

With analog cameras, you are constrained by the TV video standard with is 486 vertical lines, so typically the highest resolution analog camera is about 780 x 486.

232dp_thIP CAMERAS

IP cameras are available in a wide variety of resolutions and quality so 215_thyou can better tailor the camera to the viewing area. IP cameras with PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) are easier to install. IP cameras with a proper remote enabled DVR provide more features. Network enabled DVR systems allow easy expansion of IP camera systems to almost unlimited number of cameras; analog cameras require multiple DVR when the fixed camera limit is exceeded (1, 4, 16, 32).

High resolution? With an IP camera, there are IP cameras with High Definition and above resolutions.   The resolutions are generally quoted in megapixels.  There are 1 Megapixel up to 20 Megapixel IP cameras.  The higher the Megapixel count, the higher the resolution that the camera will transmit.  High Megapixel count cameras are great for covering parking lots and any large area where detail is critical.

For example, a 12 Megapixel camera can transmit a picture in a resolution of 8192 x 1536 !

Choosing your Video Surveillance System

Your Videotex Security advisor can help you choose the best system, whether IP or analog, for your business. We have packages that fit all budgets, and applications.

Whether you need a 4 camera analog system or a 50 camera sophisticated IP system, we can help you. We specialize in the sophisticated IP systems, but are happy to recommend a small analog system when that will do.

Questions your Videotex Security Advisor can help you with

  1. What type of cameras – IP or analog?
  2. How many cameras?
  3. What resolution should the cameras be? Megapixel?
  4. What type of lens do you need?
  5. How should the system record events? Motion, free run?
  6. Do you need to record audio?
  7. What type of wiring is best?
  8. How will you power the cameras?
  9. Can you access your system remotely?
  10. Can you access your system from the web? from your phone?

Why a Security Camera System is Mandatory for Organizations

When you get the alarm call at 3 am…

Are you facing the situation on the left or the right?

Before After

When your burglar alarm at your business goes off at 3 am on a Sunday morning, who will respond? Your choices are: go to your business yourself in the middle of the night with the threat of entering a burglary in progress, or do nothing and hope that the police will respond and assess the correct situation. How will you go back to sleep worrying about that next phone call?

You have another choice – call Videotex Security at 214-349-6399 to find out how a video surveillance system that you can view from your home or anywhere with an internet connection – can help save you, and your family peace of mind.