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Securing your organization around the clock…(972) 231-9200

Access Control

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Control over access within a company is critical to businesses of all types. Videotex’saccess control systems provide companies with the security they need in today’s business environment. Businesses face the challenge of employee safety, turnover and internal and external losses every day. Our security access control systems can effectively address these concerns.

Whether you need a keyless access control system for a single door or for a multi-site campus style operation, we can design and install the right solution for your business. We offer a full product line of keyless access control systems, and all products can be customized to meet your particular needs for security access control.


Network the entire system in multiple locations

Add or delete employees quickly and easily from the system

Control employee access into sensitive areas

Decrease security threats by restricting walk-in traffic

Disarm the intrusion detection sensors during entry, eliminating the chance of false alarms

Eliminate the need to re-key the entire building whenever you experience employee turnover

Program time and areas for authorized employee access