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Securing your organization around the clock…(972) 231-9200

How to Design a Surveillance System for K-12 Schools

Exeter_High_School_(New_Hampshire)Videotex Security has had lots of experience in designing and installing video surveillance systems for schools.   Some of the design goals to consider are:

  • Camera types and positions to cover all important areas
  • Access to the camera views
    • By local school administrators
    • By district wide administrators
    • By local law enforcement
    • By administrators from mobile devices such as phones and tablets
  • Where servers should be located
  • Bandwidth considerations within the school, and district wide if servers are shared
  • How video capturing is triggered – motion vs. free-run
  • How is network security administered – Microsoft Active Directory or unit by unit basis
  • Does the system’s health need to be monitored by its own devices
  • How much hard drive storage will be needed
  • Does any video need to be archived for long periods
  • Do the cameras need to be interfaced with school maps so that the location can be quickly determined
  • Does the system need to send notifications of events such as cameras not responding

There are many considerations that need to be addressed when designing and installing surveillance systems.  The experts at Videotex Security can help you make those choices.