Securing your organization around the clock…(972) 231-9200
Securing your organization around the clock…(972) 231-9200

Video Surveillance Cameras for Commercial Operations

Videotex Security installs security cameras for surveillance of your business, school, and any commercial operation. We provide you with an NVR on your premises that stores all the video. You can view it from any device when you want – either live or recorded.

View your Live Security Cameras from Anywhere

Videotex Security can install your security cameras so that you can view them from anywhere – from a web browser, an iPhone, a laptop, or network. We can password protect the cameras so that only authorized personnel can view them. When you receive the call from your monitoring service that there is a problem, you can quickly determine the nature of the alarm. View our parking lot camera below:

Your Security Advisors

Security today is entering a new age. In the past, a good burglar alarm system was all you needed to keep your business secure. Now, you need more. When your burglar alarm at your business goes off at 3am on a Sunday morning, what is the real situation? Your choices are: go to your business yourself in the middle of the night with the threat of entering a burglary in progress, or do nothing and wait until the morning to see the damage, if any. If the police do respond and it’s a false alarm, you’ll face an escalating series of steep fines each time this happens.

In this time and location, your business requires a complex security system. Besides a burglar alarm, you need a video surveillance system. In the scenario above, you can view your office security cameras via the internet from the comfort of your home or your mobile device. You can see in real-time the situation, and review stored videos of any time in the recent or more distant past. You can cancel police dispatches in case of a false alarm, and avoid the fines.

Besides the value of a video surveillance in an alarm situation, you are also protecting yourself from employee theft, shoplifting, fraudulent workers compensation claims, employee slacking, inappropriate workplace behavior, and a host of other threats. Our security advisors can assess your situation, and provide you with a comprehensive solution.

Security Cameras

ExacqNVRWe offer IP based video surveillance systems. You can monitor and record your business 24 hour/7 day per week from any location that is connected to the internet or your mobile device.

Be prepared when you receive the call at 3am from your monitoring company – you can now assess the situation from the comfort of your home.

View your Live Security System from an iPhone or iPadiphone

Whether you are an iPhone user, an iPad user, a PC or MAC user, an Android user, or any other smart phone, Videotex offers a system you can view live from your phone web browser. You can view your live cameras from the smartphone web browser, no special software is required. There are also additional Apps that provide you with advanced functionality. Now be in touch with your valuable property 24×7.


Your NVR (Network Video Recorder) is monitoring your premises 24 hours a day/7 days a week.  It will store weeks or months or years of video that you can review at any time.  The system can also alert you by email based on various events like motion detected.

Since you own the NVR, there are no ongoing costs for monitoring.